"We may not see it yet but we live in a different world. For better or for worse, everything's changed and we need to deal with it. With our awareness, our compassion, with our love.

So welcome to a new world where you can blossom and make a difference in your own special way. May our songs inspire you, give you strengh and joy, for our destiny is one with yours."

With Love,

Clara & Richard

Clara and the Sky is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Canada. Co-founded in 2013 by Caroline Douret alias Clara, singer-songwriter, and Richard Vallerand, guitarist, composer and producer. The band’s signature sound stems mainly from the use of textured guitars, soulful vocals, minimalist keyboards, and the powerful rhythms of bass and drums.

Clara and the Sky est un duo montréalais fondé en 2013 par Caroline Douret, alias Clara, auteure-compositrice-interprète et Richard Vallerand, guitariste, compositeur et réalisateur. Leur musique indie rock aux accents folk et électro allie des textures recherchées à des mélodies atmosphériques et des paroles humanistes soutenues par une puissante section rythmique.

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